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Has Your Website Flatlinned?

Is your website dead on arrival? Is the design current? Can visitors maneuver through it with ease?  Does the content express the mission of your business? Are you engaging your targeted audience and driving new clients to your door on a regular basis? If you answered NO to any of these then it’s time to bring your site back to life! Just having a website is not enough. “If you build it they will come” is only partially true. Visitors have to be able to find your business in a sea of competitors. Your website is often the first impression of a potential client. It’s vital that it be good, current and relevant!

Staying Current

Building a website is not like building a monument: a good website is a moving, functioning, responsive place for potential clients to learn about your business and get a real feel for its mission. To stay current in a constantly advancing online world, businesses should strongly consider revamping their website every two years. When your website falls behind on visual fluency and functionality, you risk losing online and in-person clientele.

Remaining Relevant

There are a few questions that you should consider when determining if their website is up to date and reaching its targeted audience.