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What Is AMP and Why Is It Important for Your Website?

AMP—which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages—is an initiative created by Google that’s designed to emphasize the importance and rankings of web pages that are created with mobile devices in mind. More and more people access the internet via smartphones and tablets, and that change in accessibility has changed the way Google ranks and “rewards” certain websites.

Because AMP has become such a core focus for Google, website owners and publishers who aren’t using AMP may find themselves left behind and lagging in their search result rankings. However, it’s important to note that utilizing AMP doesn’t just mean creating mobile-friendly website designs—it also means adopting new development, user interface, and content philosophies.

4 Things You Should Know about AMP

At its core, AMP is designed to make using the internet a faster, more efficient, and more pleasing experience for mobile users. Websites that are AMP-compliant include a few key differences from standard desktop-friendly websites and non-AMP mobile-friendly websites, such as: