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Receive alerts and promptly respond to attorney reviews.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation says a lot about you, your partners, and your firm. 88% of clients will trust an online review over a personal recommendation. Positive reviews help provide feedback and build trust with potential new clients. Encourage your clients to submit reviews while they are in the office. Having an abundance of positive reviews can help shield attorneys from the occasional negative review, and help with search visibility.

Advantages of Reputation Management:

  • Track: Keep up with online sources that are collecting reviews about your firm.
  • Monitor: Be notified when lawyers receive a new review.
  • Respond: Promptly manage and respond to new reviews.

Track Reviews

Track your law office reviews on the most popular review sites like Google, Yelp, CitySearch and more. We report and score each review site independently so you can monitor and manage your reputation in real time.

lawyer reputation management and review tracking
law firm review monitoring

Monitor Reviews

We monitor important review sites and identify positive and negative reviews. Receive an email alert when your practice has a new review so you can quickly act. It’s best to always thank your clients for their positive feedback, and respond or correct any negative issues.

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